EyeAstin – 60caps

EyeAstin – 60caps



EyeAstin Hawaiian Astaxanthin

NEW LOOK! EyeAstin™ Hawaiian Astaxanthin® is an eye health supplement that was formulated by a qualified team to support healthy vision and protect eye health after excessive blue light exposure.*

Blue Light and Eye Health

Digital screen time, lifestyle, and aging can slow down the eye’s efficiency and cause stress on the eyes. One of the biggest offenders to eye health is blue light, which is emitted from digital devices like computer screens, phones, and TVs. Blue light is damaging to the eyes because, unlike other UV rays that are blocked by the cornea and the lens, virtually all visible blue passes through and goes straight to the light-sensitive retina, causing damage that can lead to degenerative conditions and vision loss.

The ingredients in EyeAstin are clinically researched, shown to support eye health after long periods of digital screen time, and improve visual performance after excessive blue light exposure.*

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