Vitality Hamper

Vitality Hamper


A great health pack for everyone, including the difficult to buy for man in your life. Filled with lots of amazing products.



118ml Magnesium Oil (Ancient Minerals)

Magnesium oil gives quick, easy fast relief of cramps. Rub this onto your skin before exercise or bed to get the magnesium that your body needs.

6ml Magnesium Lotion (Ancient Minerals)

Sachet of soft face moisturising cream.

150g Magnesium Flakes (Ancient Minerals)

When taking the time out to pamper yourself, dissolve these high-grade magnesium flakes in warm water for a relaxing foot or bath soak.

Soap (Healthy Soap Chef)

Gorgeous hand-crafted soap made with love with all natural ingredients to moisturise and nourish the skin.

50g All Natural Anti-odourant (Holistic Hives)

This rose scented, all natural anti-odourant is made using a tried and tested recipe with a beeswax base extracted from the Holistic bee hives.

50g Helpful Balm (Holistic Hives)

Helpful balm is for when you need a little help through the day. Simply use it for: dry lips, stings or itchy bites, face & hand cream and cracked heels. Made using high quality oils combined with beeswax extracted from the Holistic Hives.

75g Macadamias (Nutworks)

These delicious macadamias are sourced from the east coast of Australia and packaged at Yandina on the Sunshine Coast.

Teas (Buddha Teas)

An invigorating blend of teas which are good for the soul. Buddha teas are packaged in bleach free tea bags and their focus lies in providing, wholesome teas with no ‘extra’ ingredients.

50g Dark Choc Ginger (Buderim Ginger)

The famous Buderim Ginger has been an icon on the Sunshine Coast for 80 years, producing the finest ginger products

100g Honey (Hive and Harvest)

Hive and Harvest honey is unprocessed and comes from the hills in Maleny.


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